The Rensselaer Club | Troy, New York

Our members have a diverse group of philanthropic interests.  The organizations listed here are always in need of helping hands. 










Check the "Happenings" Page for upcoming events.

Hope 7 - Christmas Time Giving  - 


A long standing tradition, Hope 7 works diligently to match needy families with generous benefactors for this all important season for children.  Families are interviewed to determine level of need and sponsors are given in depth forms with detailed information on the needs and wishes of the children they wish to help. Emphasis is placed on first the provision of warm winter clothing and then on toys, books, etc. the children are longing for. It is strictly up to the sponsor to decide what is to be purchased. 


We do all we can to make the process run smoothly in order to provide a positive, fun, and most importantly, rewarding experience for you as the sponsor and a stress free holiday season for families who don’t have any idea how they are going to make their children’s holidays great! We have sponsors who return year after year after having such positive experiences with us.

More Volunteer Opportunities

The Rensselaer Club values volunteer efforts, collects for charities throughout the year, and encourages members to volunteer their time to local, worthwhile efforts.  See where YOU can help out in the Albany area at  Looking for something to do on Thanksgiving?  Go to to see how you can help!


Looking to help local veterans? The Capital District Women Veterans Program needs your donations!  Check here for details. 

The Regional Food Bank Needs Your Support!


During these unprecedented times, local and regional food banks need your donations of food or cash more than ever.  Please consider supporting one of these area food banks, and please stay safe!