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General Events


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March 14th - 7 - 10 pm at Mimsy and Curt's house.




We will also be collecting toiletries for the Hope 7 Food Pantry!



Members Only!

Wine Ohs!  Pi Day Celebration!


Come join a fun night with other Club members!


Bring a dish to share.


Wine and soft drinks will be provided.


Members-Only Event - 2022 Annual Dinner Meeting

Join  us  for  our 85th Anniversary year !!



This year, we will be hosting activities for vaccinated individuals. Events will include our welcome back picnic, Wine Ohs!, luncheons and dinner parties.
We also have some new committees, Outdoors and Community Connection, that will focus on some activities in the community and greater Capital District.
All our activities present a great place to meet colleagues from other departments.  
As a member, you can attend meetings, vote and hold an office. 
Dues for the year are $25/person and can be paid online or by check or cash. The Club is registered as a not-for-profit and your dues help support local charities.  You may join at any club event!

The Rensselaer Club invites to and your partner to attend a Super Bowl Party at the Fontaine house (320 Columbia Street Cohoes, NY) on Sunday, February 13, 2022 from 6 - 11 pm.  Bring your favorite food and drink to share!


ALL MUST BE VACCINATED or have had a negative COVID test within 72 hours, and masks must be worn while not eating or drinking.


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